class: diseases of the heart

السلام عليكم

In case you missed the 1st lecture of The Diseases of The Heart: Reality, Signs & Cures, you can watch here

The next lectures are scheduled from tomorrow onwards inshallaah.

*Ramadhan* is a time for change. Real *change* comes from the heart. Purification of the *heart* .

If you and your family members don’t have a copy each yet, it is just 15$, you can get it here:

Or in-person during the lecture and other stores in Toronto.

This is the lecture schedule for this week:


Everyday After Fajr (around 5am) Tafseer of Surah An-Nisaa


7:00-8:30 pm Thursday, Friday & Saturday (20th, 21st & 2nd Ramadhan/15-17 June)
Diseases of The Heart: Reality, Signs & Cures

All lectures will be at QHS, 2183 Lawrence Ave. E and as always Live on YouTube

To stay upto date and get instant notifications subscribe to our website: and to the YouTube channel.

“Allaah doesn’t change the state of a people until they change themselves.”

Change= Purification of the Heart + Beneficial Knowledge + Actions

Share, may Allaah reward all of us.

If you cant afford 15$ for the book, there are free books sponsored by a brother as his continuous charity. And If you want to do the same also, please contact.

May Allaah bless us in this Ramadhan.

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