Fiqh of Zakatul Fitr (Everything You need to know)

As the last 10 days of the blessed month of Ramadhan are here already, it is important to learn about the great ibada (worship) of Zakatul Fitr.

This is a short lecture on the Fiqh (Understanding) of Zakatul Fitr (streamed in Ramadhan of 1437/2016) where almost everything is touched on in less than half an hour, followed by questions and answers of common issues related to Zakatul Fitr. Lecture Link: Fiqh of Zakatul Fitr + Q&A

Below is the Index for the Zakatul Fitr lecture (time of video and topic/question discussed):
0:30 – What is Zakatul Fitr?
2:00 – What is the proof of Zakatul Fitr?
3:30- What do we learn from the hadith of Zakatul Fitr?
4:54- What is the Wisdom of Zakatul Fitr?
8:30- Who is Zakatul Fitr obligatory on?
12:17- How much do you give for Zakatul Fitr?
13:56- Can you give more than what is obligatory on you?
14:29- Can you give the Zakatul Fitr as money instead of food?
16:20- Who is supposed to be given Zakatul Fitr?
17:18- When it the Zakatul Fitr supposed to be given
19:36 -Can you give Zakatul Fitr at the beginning of Ramadhan?
22:50- Do you have to give Zakatul Fitr on behalf of those you take care of?
25:00- Do we give Zakatul Fitr on those we take care of even if they were just born in Ramadhan?
26:17- Do we give Zakatul Fitr for someone who is dead?
26:47- If we do not fast -for valid excuses- do we still pay Zakatul Fitr?
27:45- Why does the child give Zakatul Fitr?
29:00- Can we send money overseas and tell them to buy food with it?
29:45- What is the difference between Sadaqatul Fitr and Zakatul Fitr?
30:30- Is it better to spread the Zakatul Fitr among the families or just one?
31:02- Can someone pay Zakatul Fitr for you, and you pay them back?
31:25- Is it allowed to collect the Zakatul Fitr earlier than the last days of Ramadhan?
32:40- If you send money to your family every month, do you send the Zakatul Fitr as well?
33:54- What if we forgot to give Zakatul Fitr?
34:20- What if someone does not want to give Zakatul Fitr?
36:00- If someone works and you pay for them is that okay?
36:40- What is Fidya, should it be given at that time?
37:35- What if you are in debt, do you still pay?

General Questions:
38:24- People who think bad of Allah’s religion based on whispers of the Shaytan, what should we do to stop them?

41:30- Allah sent guidance and guidelines on how to achieve Jannah, explanation of Qadr/Free Choice
46:03- Is it wrong to say the Prophet Sallahu alayhi wa sallim, is dead?
48:00- Decorations in the masjid

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