Sacrifice / Udh-hiya / Qurbani

Assalamu alaikum,
The month of Dhul Hijja -best ten days of the year- are here. Therein will be the greatest day of the year -Eidul Adh-ha; the day of sacrificing and thanking Allaah.


As with previous years we are providing this humble service of udhhiya for those interested.

The sacrifice and distribution of the goat/sheep will be in Kenya & Tanzania for 80 Canadian $ or equivalent of (includes animal and all logistical expenses). We don’t hand out receipts or charity tax returns. This is ibada/worship.

Our activities are done under direct supervision of sheikh Abu Umar Abdulaziz.

The meat will be distributed to Ahlu Sunna in priority of:
Orphans, widowers, students of knowledge, and poor families.

The earlier we reserve, the better inshallah.


You can pay in person, interac email transfer, or paypal for outside Canada:

For further info. Contact in Canada: Abdulaziz Rudeiny +14168587546. Or email:


Please forward the message. May Allah accept our good actions.



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