Death of Our Sheikh; Sheikh Abu Islam Saalih Taha

We belong to Allaah and to Him we shall return.
It is hard, with great sadness overcoming me, that I have to announce the death of our teacher, the khateeb (sermon-giver) of Ahlu Sunnah, Sheikh Abu Islam Saalih Taha.
He had been sick for the past few weeks and passed away today.

The great sheikh, the reviver of Islam in this era, sheikh Albaani -who is the sheikh of sheikh Abu Islam- used to attend his Friday khutbas and would say about him: ‘We have our khateeb (one who gives the Friday khutbas/sermon).’ Very few people in the world were as effective and eloquent in their khutbas as Sheikh Abu Islam Saalih Taha.

Sheikh Abu Islam was also very close to my sheikh, Dr. Abduladheem Badawi (famous for the book “alwajeez/concise presentation of fiqh). Since the sickness, Sheikh Abduladheem actually left Egypt to go to sheikh Abu Islam in Jordan, and has been by the side of his brother and student, till death has come.

Please ask Allaah to have mercy on him, and to strengthen and take care of the family he left behind.

This is the sheikh’s website, there’s a lot to benefit – trust me.
Please share it also, that will be sadaqatul-jaariya (continous charity) for the sheikh.

These are some beneficial lectures he did when visiting Toronto.

Rectify Your Heart:

The Companions:

Steadfastness on religion during the time of fitnah



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