Haq Khatteb Hussain

Haq Khatteb Hussain

Haq Khatteb is a Famous Pakistani Religious Personality known as "Haq Badshah Sarkar", who was born on Jun 06, 1979 in Kotli Sattian, Pakistan. Find Haq Khatteb age, wife, net worth, weight, height, career, family, pics biography & more. Get information about all key achievements or accomplishments of Haq Khatteb.
Haq Khatteb Hussain
Date of BirthJun 06, 1979
Birth PlaceKotli Sattian, Pakistan
ResidenceKotli Sattian, Pakistan
ProfessionReligious Personality known as "Haq Badshah Sarkar"
FatherPeer Musanjaf Ali Sarkar
Mother(will update soon)
Siblings(will update soon)
Spouse(will update soon)
Weight76 KG
Height5 feet 7 inches
Net Worth(will update soon)
Personal Profile About Haq Khatteb Hussain

Haq Khatteb Hussain is, widely recognized as "Haq Badshah Sarkar" or "Haq Khatteb Hussain Ali Badshah Sarkar," and is a renowned spiritual and religious figure from Pakistan. He serves as the Custodian of the esteemed shrine "Darbar e Alya Balawra Shareef" in Kotli Satya, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Haq Khatteb Hussain is revered as a genuine saint and a contemporary Qalandar of the 21st century, embodying two core missions. Firstly, he is committed to offering humanitarian assistance globally, without any charge. Secondly, he ardently advocates for and staunchly defends the concept of the finality of Prophethood (Aqeeda e Khatam e Nabuwat).

Millions worldwide have reportedly experienced healing through his sacred breath (dam) and prayers (dua). Haq Khatteb Hussain's online dam is famous and he has many followers. Blessed with divine powers, Haq Khatteb Hussain has reportedly cured patients suffering from various ailments, including cancer, diabetes, hypertension, kidney, liver, and heart diseases, as well as paralyzed individuals.

Haq Khatteb Hussain is also recognized as "Sipa Salar e Aqeeda e Tajdar e Khatam e Nabuwat" (Leader in Defense of the Finality of Prophethood). He steadfastly upholds the honor of the Last Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and the teachings of Islam and the Quran, without succumbing to worldly temptations, politics, or financial gains. He has organized numerous international conferences advocating for the finality of Prophethood to spread the message of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Haq Khatteb Hussain's Wikipedia information is available here. Also, read Haq Khatteb Hussain's biography

Haq Khatteb Hussain Online Dum

Haq Khatteb Hussain online dum facilities are provided for everyone living in other countries or out of the city. According to him, he is blessed with divine power that helps him treat various diseases from minor to severe like cancer, heart issues, paralyzed people, etc.

Haq Khatteb Hussain Wife

Haq Khatteb Hussain's wife's name is not known. Though, Haq Khatteb Hussain is married.

Haq Khatteb Hussain Location

Haq Khatteb Hussain's location is Darbar e Aaliyah Balawara Shareef, Kotli Sattiyaan, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Here, Haq Khatteb Hussain treats patients with the dam. Haq Khatteb Hussain's online dam is also a service for all his followers.

Haq Khatteb Hussain Family

Haq Khatteb Hussain family members' name is not known except for his father. Haq Khatteb Hussain's father's name is Peer Musanjaf Ali Sarkar.

Haq Khatteb Hussain Contact Number

Haq Khatteb Hussain's contact numbers are +92-300-5193424, +92-333-8888638, +92-313-7777707. This is Haq Khatteb Hussain's mobile number as well.

Haq Khatteb Hussain Whatsapp Group Link

Haq Khatteb Hussain's Whatsapp group links are many as his followers also created his Whatsapp groups.

What is the age of Haq Khatteb?

Haq Khatteb's age is 45 Years, his date of birth is Jun 06, 1979, his horoscope is Gemini, his place of birth is Kotli Sattian, Pakistan, his nationality is Pakistani, and his residence is Kotli Sattian, Pakistan.

What is the Profession of Haq Khatteb?

Haq Khatteb is a Pakistani Religious Personality known as "Haq Badshah Sarkar" by profession.

Who is Haq Khatteb's wife?

Haq Khatteb's wife or spouse's name is (will update soon).

Who is Haq Khatteb's Parents?

Haq Khatteb's father's name is Peer Musanjaf Ali Sarkar and his mother's name (will update soon).

Who is Haq Khatteb's siblings?

Haq Khatteb's sibling's name is (will update soon).

What is the net worth of Haq Khatteb?

Haq Khatteb's net worth is (will update soon).

What is Haq Khatteb's education?

Haq Khatteb's education is Graduation.

What is the height of Haq Khatteb?

Haq Khatteb's height is 5 feet 7 inches.

What is the weight of Haq Khatteb?

Haq Khatteb weighs 76 KG.

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