Ibad Farooq

Ibad Farooq

Ibad Farooq is a Famous Pakistani Politician, who was born on in (will update soon). Find Ibad Farooq age, wife, net worth, weight, height, career, family, pics biography & more. Get information about all key achievements or accomplishments of Ibad Farooq.
Ibad Farooq
Date of Birth(will update soon)
Age(will update soon)
Birth Place(will update soon)
ResidenceLahore, Pakistan
Father(will update soon)
Mother(will update soon)
SiblingsIrtaza Butt
Spouse(will update soon)
Horoscope(will update soon)
Weight(will update soon)
Height(will update soon)
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Personal Profile About Ibad Farooq

Ibad Farooq is a young Pakistani politician associated with the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). Mian Ibad Farooq was born in Lahore, Pakistan. Ibad Farooq arrest stemmed from allegations related to the events of May 9, including the incendiary incident involving Jinnah House in Lahore. A circulated video purportedly featured Ibad claiming to have acted under instructions from PTI leadership. Amid these circumstances, there are speculations suggesting his hesitancy to sever ties with the PTI. This development has generated significant attention and discussion within Pakistan's political landscape, with many closely monitoring the unfolding situation and its potential implications for the PTI and Ibad Farooq's political career. Ibad Farooq, PTI leader, has a ticket. Read Ibad Farooq biography

Ibad Farooq Son Disease

Mian Ibad Farooq son disease causes the death of Ammar Farooq, eldest son. Sadly, at the tender age of 8, Ammar Farooq suffered from severe mental illness when his father was arrested following the events of May 9. The family attributed Ammar's depression to his father's incarceration.

The family made several appeals for Ibad Farooq's release or the opportunity for father and son to meet, but unfortunately, they couldn't reunite in jail. Tragically, on September 18, 8-year-old Ammar Farooq passed away, and Mian Ibad Farooq attended his son's funeral in Lahore.

Ibad Farooq Son Story

Farooq Ibad son name is Ammar Ibad. Farooq Ibad a notable PTI candidate and president of Imran Tiger Force Lahore. Farooq Ibad son story has created a stir in political world. Ammar Ibad was admitted to Ittefaq Hospital on August 27 in critical condition, suffering from multiple health issues, including a brain disorder and pneumonia. Upon arrival, a medical team comprising Dr. Shumaila (Neurologist), Dr. Khalid Pervez (Pulmonologist), and Dr. Mohsin (Pediatrician) provided immediate care. Given the seriousness of his condition, he was placed in the ICU.

Ammar remained in the ICU from August 27 to September 8. During this period, he was diagnosed with a rare degenerative brain disorder called SSPE (Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis). This condition, triggered by a viral illness like measles, worsens over time. It was revealed that Ammar had contracted measles at the age of 2 and a half years, and SSPE had been affecting him for approximately three months, resulting in noticeable changes in his behavior and motor skills.

Ibad Farooq Wife

Ibad Farooq is a married individual and has made public appearances alongside his wife. We will provide information regarding the name of PTI leader Mian Ibad Farooq's wife as soon as it becomes available.

Ibad Farooq Family

Ibad Farooq lives in Lahore with his family, which includes an older brother named Irtaza Butt. While we currently do not have information about his parents' names, we will provide updates on the names of Mian Ibad Farooq's father and mother shortly. Mian Ibad Farooq is a father of two sons. Ibad Farooq family includes wife and sons.

What is the age of Ibad Farooq?

Ibad Farooq age is , his date of birth , horoscope (will update soon), place of birth (will update soon), nationality as Pakistani and residence Lahore, Pakistan.

What is the Profession of Ibad Farooq?

Ibad Farooq is an Pakistani Politician by profession.

Who is Ibad Farooq's wife?

Ibad Farooq wife or spouse name is (will update soon).

Who is Ibad Farooq's Parents?

Ibad Farooq father name is (will update soon) and mother name (will update soon).

Who is Ibad Farooq's siblings?

Ibad Farooq siblings name is Irtaza Butt.

What is the net worth of Ibad Farooq?

Ibad Farooq net worth is (will update soon).

What is Ibad Farooq education?

Ibad Farooq education is Graduated.

What is the height and weight of Ibad Farooq?

Ibad Farooq height is (will update soon) and weight (will update soon).

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