Ducky Bhai

Ducky Bhai

Saad ur Rehman aka is Ducky Bhai is a Famous Pakistani YouTuber, who was born on Sunday, Dec 21, 1997 in Lahore, Pakistan . Find Ducky Bhai career, age, family, pics, biography & more. Get information about all key achievements or accomplishments of Ducky Bhai.
Ducky Bhai
Date of BirthDec 21, 1997
Birth PlaceLahore, Pakistan
EducationHigh School
Father(will update soon)
Mother(will update soon)
SpouseAroob Jatoi
Height5 feet 6 inches
Net Worth$ 225K - $ 1.35M
Personal Profile About Ducky Bhai

Ducky Bhai, a popular Pakistani YouTuber, Vlogger, Comedian, Roaster, and online Gaming Player, who was born on Sunday, Dec 21, 1997 in Lahore, Pakistan. His real name is Ducky Bhai. Ducky Bhai is well-known for roasting his fellow YouTubers, TikTokers, and other celebrities. Ducky is well-known for his altercations with Pakistani-turned-Canadian YouTuber Sham Idrees and prankster Shahmeer Abbas Shah. They later reconciled following a series of abusive and violent videos directed at each other. On this page, his fans can discover ducky Bhai age, lifestyle, education, and even about Ducky Bhai wife.

Pakistani YouTuber Ducky Bhai specializes in roasting. He has 3.5 million YouTube followers and resides in Lahore. He also has a 2 million-subscriber gaming channel, and he only posts gaming videos on Ducky Extra. Recently, Ducky Bhai and Aroob Jatoi got engaged, and now it can be called Ducky Bhai wife is also a vlogger. She launched a new channel and in just 11 hours attracted 100,000 subscribers. Ducky Bhai income can leave you in wonder as one of the richest and most well-known YouTube stars is Ducky. According to Forbes, Business Insider, and Wikipedia, Ducky Bhai net worth is estimated to be $6.42 million. His fans can also check here Ducky Bhai pics, his horoscope as ducky Bhai biography holds all the important detail about him. Ducky bhai brother name is muneeb. He is the ducky bhai’s younger brother.

Ducky Bhai Wife

YouTuber Saad-ur-Rehman aka Ducky Bhai wife name is Aroob Jatoi. On 12th April 2018 Aroob and Ducky Bhai interacted for the first time and right after 4 years exact same date on 12th April 2022 they got engaged.

Ducky Bhai Age

The ducky bhai aka Ducky Bhai age is 25 years in 2022

Ducky Bhai Marriage

Ducky Bhai got married on 12-april-2022.

Ducky Bhai Instagram

You can follow Ducky Bhai on her official Instagram Account:

Ducky Bhai Facebook

Ducky Bhai has no any official Facebook page

Ducky Bhai Twitter

To catch the official Tweets by Ducky Bhai, her official Twitter account is:

Ducky Bhai YouTube

Ducky Bhai has official YouTube Channel:

Ducky Bhai Career

Ducky Bhai started her career in making videos in Youtube and climbed the ladder of success.

Ducky Bhai Net Worth

Ducky Bhai has chosen to keep his monthly income and net worth private, making it uncertain whether his net worth is indeed $6.42 million, as it may vary. His estimated annual salary is around $1.61 million, and since starting his YouTube journey in 2017, he has accumulated approximately $26.75 million in earnings. With videos amassing an average of 891K daily views, Ducky Bhai is a renowned Pakistani YouTuber known for his success on the platform since 2017.

What is the age of Saad ur Rehman?

Saad ur Rehman age is 26 Years, his date of birth Dec 21, 1997, horoscope Sagittarius, place of birth Lahore, Pakistan, nationality as Pakistani and residence Karachi, Pakistan.

What is the Profession of Saad ur Rehman?

Saad ur Rehman is an Pakistani YouTuber by profession.

Who is Saad ur Rehman's wife?

Saad ur Rehman wife or spouse name is Aroob Jatoi.

Who is Saad ur Rehman's Parents?

Saad ur Rehman father name is His father was a Japanese but name is not know. and mother name (will update soon).

Who is Saad ur Rehman's siblings?

Saad ur Rehman siblings name is Muneeb.

What is the net worth of Saad ur Rehman?

Saad ur Rehman net worth is $ 225K - $ 1.35M from Youtube channel.

What is Saad ur Rehman education?

Saad ur Rehman education is Pass out from High School Studies in Bahria Town School.

What is the height and weight of Saad ur Rehman?

Saad ur Rehman height is 5 feet 6 inches and weight 77.

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